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Open Air Restaurant at the sea

Open Air Restaurant
at the sea


The restaurant...

view to the sea

...with view to the sea

Agastya Garden Indien Restaurant


Why is South-Indian food so outstanding?
The ingredients for the meals are fresh. Kerala can be proud of its produce. A variety of meals are served: Rice, lentils, plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, and a large variety of herbs, spices and fragrances which play an important role in daily meals. Fish is appreciated because of its freshness. If you wish, meat can be served.

Spices are not only for good taste, they are also important for health. Cardamon, cinnamon, coriander, turmeric and a little bit of black pepper and chillies are part of the daily nutrition. Kerala's cooking style is a lot milder than the Northern-Indian-style, nevertheless it is still spicy and very tasty, but not overly hot.

You will eat in different places.
For example, you can enjoy your breakfast at your patio, lunch and dinner will be served on the cliffs where you have a full view of the sea.
You will see the milky-way above you and the tiny lights of the fishing boats far out on the sea



Agastya Garden Indien restaurant               Agastya garden Indien restaurant


Nourishment according
to the three Doshas

Agastya Garden Indien Meals


The meals are prepared according to the Doshas.
Furthermore the meals are enhanced with medical food components, for example with Moringa leaves (Moringa oleifera, rich with vitamin A and C, calcium and iron) and a lot more ...

Fresh fruits are served after every meal.
You can serve yourself at the fruit buffet all day.


Agastya Garden Früchte  garden meals

Indian classical music



We offer you musical programs twice a week.
Usually there is classical Indian music but sometimes dancers are invited, sometimes even martial art performers.

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